Set of 2 Original Aircraft Skin Shot Down russian SU-34 and Mi-24, Ukraine Keychain for men, Air Plane Tag, Keychain tag, Ukraine Military

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Be the one who has original key tag SET!
Present to your attention set of 2 key tags: Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter and a piece of real strike fighter Su-34. Both were shot down by Ukraine’s Air Defense.
Made in russia - RECYCLED IN UKRAINE

We use the remaining flat pieces, align them, cut and engrave.

Dimensions: 5x5 cm


The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber was shot down by Ukraine’s Air Defense near the village of Borodyanka in the Bucha district of the Kyiv region in March 2022

Type: Front-line bomber
Model: Su-34 "Fullback"
Tail number: RF-81251
Call sign: Red-31
Belonging: 277th Bomber Aviation Regiment of russia
Crash location: Borodyanka, Kyiv region, Ukraine (50°38'44.3"N 29°53'28.2"E)

A Russian helicopter retrieved from the Dnipro River on May 4 has been identified as an Mi-24P shot down on the first day of the Russian invasion (February 24, 2022). Possibly the first plane shot down in this war, but this is difficult to verify.

Type: Helicopter Gunship
Model: Mil-Mi-24P "Hind"
Tail number: RF-95290
Call sign: Yellow-04
Belonging: 17th Army Aviation Brigade
Crash location: Kyiv Reservoir, Kyiv region, Ukraine (50°36'37.2"N, 30°30'53.4"E )

Why you SHOULD BUY this key tags?
My brother is in the hottest military point in Ukraine and is protecting my country and our family. By selling these key tag, I help my brother and his unit, as well as families in need.

Why it is UNIQUE?
This is limited edition key tags. Every keychain has it's unique serial number. We can make personal engraving on the keychain, just message me and I will do my best for you.
These remains of the Su-34 and Mi-24 wreckage came to me from a wonderful person, Ukrainian volunteer Yura Vysoven. Yuri's Foundation "The Drones for Ukraine" provides drones, primarily reconnaissance, to the Armed Forces ( My team cutting and engraved key chains from this plane for Yuri.

The color can vary from the one on represented on the photos! The keychain may be crooked and scratched because this is the part of the strike fighter, which was chashed.
We choose the best side for engraving, but some engraving may be hard to see because of the reasons indicated earlier.



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