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Stylish and unique storage box for 4*6 photos. The photo box made of genuine leather Crazy Horse has a USB flash drive of 16 or 32 GB. This is the best way to present your photos to your clients, the unique and stylish packaging speaks for itself. Also this leather print box is perfect as wedding gift, engagement gift, keepsake gift, gift for couple etc.

 Each photo box can be different from the photos because each piece of leather is unique. The color of the item can be lighter or darker. We use only full pieces of the leather that is why it can have small scratches, this is normal for "Crazy Horse" leather.

Please note that engraving on the dark leather is also dark and its visibility always depends on the viewing angle on the photo box.

This personalized leather photo box can also be used as a photo album, wedding album, guest book, wish book, keepsake box, adventure journal or honeymoon book.


• Each photo box made of premium leather "Crazy Horse"
• 5 colors to choose from: dark brown, whisky, green, blue, burgundy
• Available with 16 or 32 Gb USB 3.0
• Can hold 50 prints 4*6 inches

Personalized photo box would be a great gift as: wedding gift, gift for couple, gift for bride, anniversary gifts, gift for men, housewarming gift, gift for parents, family gift, Christmas gift, engagement gift or gift for any other occasion.

The leather that we use for our items is called "Crazy Horse". Its main feature is the effect of vintage. This type of leather is highly water-repellent and very strong, at the same time, it is smooth, soft, velvety and very pleasant to the touch. Products made of leather "Crazy Horse" always look stylish and respectable, and yet, very unusual.

This leather scratches easily, giving it even greater brutality. But this should not be feared, because the anti-scaling additive, which is part of the leather coating, works in such a way that after slightly rubbing your finger, the scratch goes away, without the slightest trace. By the way, its unique look, the leather "Crazy Horse" gets only in 2-3 weeks of wearing.

Each item can be different from the one you can see on photos because each piece of leather is unique. The color can be lighter or darker. Also as we use only full pieces of the leather it can have small scratches. It is normal for "Crazy Horse" leather.

Please pay attention that engraving on the leather is also dark and the visibility of the engraving always depends on the angle of view on the item.


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